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New PicFrank & michaelmayren


New Pic
Frank & michaelmayren

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Some of these are so awkward, and some are great, and there’s that one with the dad that’s just 100% heartbreaking.

They’re all fantastic!

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Most people give the homeless change or leftovers, Mark Bustos is cutting their hair

For the past few months, New York City hairstylist Mark Bustos — who normally spends his days working at an upscale salon — has been volunteering on his days off to offer haircuts to homeless people he sees on the street. With a simple phrase, “I want to do something nice for you today,” he has been helping people get a fresh, uplifting makeover.

For people who have been trapped in a cycle of poverty, unemployment and homelessness, the makeover can also serve a useful function: looking presentable for a job.

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The Balance

He is an activator. Find your lane of productive activism and rock out on it no matter what it is.  As long as it’s a shift for positive changes big and or small. Whether it’s assisting on teaching and spreading the good knowledge on somethings that someone may not have been hipped to.  Or just walking someone across the street helping with groceries. Or just being a considerate neighbor and making sure folks are sincerely alright in general. 

These are actions of Activators which results in action within activism of not just being a good person but doing good shit.  . 

Good things happen everyday in every way. Don’t discount anyone’s Activator Spirit. 

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will + light/dark

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Flyestfemales / @OmarsAmira


Flyestfemales / @OmarsAmira

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